The 17th Annual International Vein Congress (April 2019), in collaboration with the Society for Vascular Surgery and the American Venous Forum, brought together over 500 vein care professionals representing 27 different countries, including 25 internationally renowned vein experts on faculty.

The agenda for the 3-day meeting was well-organized into sessions focused on specific topics such as techniques, evidence-based discussions, live cases, and more. Venous basics and venous diagnostics jumpstarted the event, covering physiology of venous return, an initial clinical exam, deep venous duplex imaging optimization, and how to properly perform a venogram. The Tributaries and Spider Veins session included several talks related to sclerotherapy, a topic that is always of interest to IVC attendees, addressing questions such as neurological complications, technical steps, and which sclerosant to use.

Those that attended the IVC Debates session were treated to 4 thought-provoking presentations. Edward G. Mackay, MD, FACS, RPVI, RVT led the debate on the safety and cost-effectiveness of Physician Compounded Foam; followed by Lowell S. Kabnick, MD, RPhS, FACS discussing why one should only use Polidocanol Endovenous Microfoam (Varithena). The debate session wrapped up with 2 different positions on the validity and usefulness of the ATTRACT Trial as presented by Mark J. Garcia, MD, MS, FSIR and Anthony J. Comerota, MD.

Live cases are always the most anticipated and highly-attended sessions, and this year's 5.5 hours of live cases broadcast from the Miami Vein Center with Drs. Almeida and Mackay included performing techniques in ultrasound mapping for both deep veins and superficial veins, ClosureFast™ radiofrequency ablation, mechanic-chemical ablation, superficial vein ultrasound, chemical ablation with Varithena®, and VENCLOSE™ radiofrequency ablation. The day also included a one-hour session on femoro-iliocaval interventions.

If you've ever attended an IVC meeting, you know, without a doubt, the excitement that surrounds the annual V2 Symposium. Hosted by a panel of experts and moderated by Dr Steve Elias, the V2 Symposium: Ask the Experts gives audience members the opportunity to bring to the expert panel their toughest cases, intriguing questions, or requests for expert opinion on all things vein related. The panel's in-depth responses to the 17 questions is worth checking out on VeinGlobal.com. Questions range from stenting to disease management, insurance issues to ablation, and everything in between.

If you didn't get to join us for the 2019 meeting, we invite you to register for the 18th annual International Vein Congress and join us in Miami April 30 - May 2, 2020. While nothing can replace the excitement and benefit of interacting with faculty and peers on site, you can view the presentations from the 2019 meeting by subscribing to VeinGlobal.com. This education portal keeps venous education at the forefront year-round and is a great primer for what to expect in 2020. This online, educational portal provides up-to-date content on innovations and exploration in venous interventions through clinical cases and presentation videos on topic areas such as anatomy and physiology, imaging, deep venous disease, superficial venous disease, and venous governance. Stay connected with current and future trends by visiting veinglobal.com and subscribing to the monthly newsletter.

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